Why donate?

What is the blood needed for?

Donated blood will be used for transfusion to persons with a lack of it or parts of it like red blood cells.

These people are

  • Trauma patients after accidents who lost a lot of blood
  • someone undergoing a difficult surgery like organ transplantation
  • cancer patients
  • children with anemia (also caused by other severe medical conditions)
  • pregnant women related to birth difficulties
  • patients suffering from other blood related disorders
  • premature babies
  • burn victims

Every single one is dependent on a transfusion which saves his or her life.

Unfortunately receiving this transfusion is not guaranteed.

Hospitals all over India don’t have sufficient blood supply for their patients, The needed unit must fulfill many medical requirements such as having the same blood group as the recipient and other parameters. That means the variety of available blood shrinks again. For this reason more people must donate to enlarge the supply and ensure these patients get treatment.

Donated blood can only be stored for a specific time, so donated units must be disposed after expiration date. That is why regular donation is so important and needed every single day, as statistically every 2 seconds someone needs blood.

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