Donation Process

Once you arrive at the site of blood donation you will be welcomed and guided through the whole process. The donation is a step by step procedure and you will be informed about what happens next. Take your time – the most important thing is that you feel well.

  • First you have to fill out your registration form providing contact details.
  • You will be asked general questions about your health and your medical past.
  • A quick physical examination follows to confirm you’re able to donate.
  • A drop of blood from your fingertip is taken to check your blood group and hemoglobin level (if it is too low donating blood can be harmful to you).
  • You will be asked to lie down.
  • The area where the needle is inserted will be cleaned with antiseptic.
  • Blood is taken from vein in the crook of your arm and collected in a sterile container.
  • After removing the needle a bandage is put on the spot of punctuation – remove it the next day.
  • You should stay lying for at least 10-15 minutes after the actual donation – within that most negative reactions to the donation occur.

Refreshments will be offered – please accept them, it is important for avoiding complications.

During donation

While your blood is collected in the container you will be asked to squish a sponge or little soft ball continuously. The movement and the contraction of your muscles makes your blood flow faster through the needle so it accelerates the process and makes the donation easier. The same refers to the bandage or torniquet on your upper arm – the pressure simplifies the bloods exit.

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