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Linking up Donors and Recipients

A main feature of this website project is the blood donor database. People from Madurai register and express their wish to donate blood. When a blood drive is hold we contact them to ensure it will be well attended.

Furthermore we arrange blood for patients who need it quickly, by contacting donors with the matching blood type in our database. Previously medical staff from the cooperating hospitals or a family member of the patient requested the transfusion unit from us.

This is possible through request form on this website, making a phone call at +91 98948 35600 or contacting a member of our organization in any other way.

Once the patient’s medical details are shared with us we run a query in our database. If a matching person is found we ask if he or she is available for instant donation. If that is the case he or she goes to the hospital the patient is hospitalized in and donates. Sometimes more blood is needed, so multiple donors will provide the necessary amount together.

Some patients require regular transfusion. To keep immune reactions of the body to a minimum it helps to give blood from the same person(s) every time so the system doesn’t fight the transfusion again and again. Members of our database are often willing to take this position and donate on a regular basis for one person in need.

Networking with blood banks and hospitals

Blood banks and the hospitals require fresh blood donations at all times. A high demand is prevalent everywhere. In India unfortunately in spite of the big number of citizens that problem is more pressing than elsewere – too few people donate blood to save everyone in need of it.  We assist hospitals and bloodbanks in going out, ask people to donate, raising awareness about the need of blood donation.

Organizing blood drives

We collect high amounts of voluntarily donated blood units by conducting blood donation camps. They go to the stock of blood banks and are used in everyday hospital life.

The camps are hold at public locations, in companies or colleges.

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