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December 28, 2012: Our sincere thanks to Vignesh and Premnath for donating O +ve blood to a girl child undergoing surgery in Vadamalayan Hospital today in Madurai.

December 28, 2012: Needed 6 units of A+ve blood on January 01, 2013 for an open heart surgery at Meenakshi Mission Hospital. Contact Mr.Murugesan at 9843991534

December 27, 2012: Our donor Mr. Gopi Vasanth donated a unit of A+ today in Meenakshi Mission Hospital for a pregnant women. Thanks a lot Gopi….

December 22, 2012: Thanks a lot to Mr.Mahesh Chabria who donated a unit of B+ve to a dengue affected girl in Vadamalayan Hospital last night. Keep the good work up people, we’re going the right way!

December 21, 2012: Need AB-ve for a girl child (Dengue case). Contact her father at 9150804150

December 14, 2012: Tamil Nadu Government advertisement- medicine for Dengue fever- Click Here

December 09, 2012: Planning to organise “Blood donors registration drive” across Madurai.. Plans are afoot to start from colleges in Madurai first..

December 07, 2012: Want to know all about Dengue fever? Click here

December 06, 2012: 3 different units of blood for dengue fever patients were requested from us this week – and we were able to arrange them! Keep it up everyone, great job!

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